HB 514 PASSES HOUSE!!!!!!!

Representative Roger Bruce On the Capitol Floor

Thanks to the efforts of Rep Roger Bruce and staff……BRUCE HAS PRODUCED AGAIN!!!!!!   Today in the house of representatives the house votes for - to allow citizens to vote yes or no on City of South Fulton, and passed the House 148-21.  Congratulations on all efforts, now we just have to get it through the senate.

Student aid bill of Rights

As some of you may know, HB165 is now HB514.  The question has been, “why has the number changed?” The short answer is that there was a fatal mistake made during the advertising of the Bill that is required before the bill could be dropped. For this type of legislation, we are required to publish an ad in the official county legal organ announcing that the Bill is going to be introduced.  During that process, the word ‘Fulton’ was mistakenly turned into ‘Hilton’.  If this Bill had gone through the entire process and was later discovered to have this error, it would have given legal support to challenge the establishment of the proposed city.  Finding it at this point gave us the opportunity to take steps to fix the problem by publishing a new ad and introducing another bill that has a different number.

Furthermore the bill made it out of the governmental sub-committee on Tuesday, the full committee of the governmental affairs on Wed and today it was requested to be put on the calendar in the House.

On Feb 17, 2015 we honored just a few of this nation’s Unsung Heroes with a resolution to thank them for their contributions during The Civil Rights Movement: Eva Kendrick, Lonnie King, Frank Halloway, Dr. Mary Anne Wilson, Willie Bolden, and Charles Black. Our world is a better place because of their tremendous courage in the face of adversity. For more pictures click here

Here is Rep Bruce with some Douglas County residents meeting with Governor Deal for Douglas County Day..



2015 Legislative Session News

Lets Talk House Bill 26:  The Any Precinct Act


What’s it all about Representative Bruce?


Many Georgians tend to face more hurdles on Election Day making them less likely to vote.


Our Any Precinct Act permits registered voters to cast their ballot at any poling station in their county during primary, general, or run-off elections under certain conditions.


Whether it’s lack of access to transportation, waiting in long lines, or inflexible work schedule that do not allow them to get to their assigned precincts, these barriers make it significantly harder, and often discourage voters from going to the poll on Election Day.


The State has the responsibility of ensuring that the voting process is fair and convenient for all voters- and since we have the technology to do it during the early voting  period, Election Day should be no different.


The adoption of HB 26 would make voting more accessible and could significantly improve voter turnout in our state.


StateRep Roger Bruce on Twitter: “Guest at our Capitol today received a personal tour. Tours of the Capitol can be arranged on most days of week. http://t.co/zTGWI0xX19″.



Here is Representative Roger Bruce speaking with a young student from the teen challenge academy visiting the capitol.  They are visiting as a part of a page program here at the capitol that allows younger people to come into the capitol and see how bills are passed and laws are made.  For more information on how you can get your child involved in the page program go to http://www.senate.ga.gov/hr/en-US/PageProgram.aspx


On the evening of January 21rst, Representative Roger Bruce met with citizens of South Fulton at Elizabeth Baptist Church to answer questions and address their concerns about House Bill 27.

House Bill 27 is a referendum allowing citizens in unincorporated South Fulton the opportunity to vote for or against creating a city in South Fulton County. Representative Bruce wanted to insure that the citizens of District 61 understand how this bill will affect their community.
This was the 4th informational meeting scheduled to address the citizens of South Fulton about House Bill 27. This meeting was organized by The Coalition of South Fulton Now.  The Coalition is working to help promote the importance of a city created by and for our citizens.  Members of The Coalition include engaged citizens, Representative Bruce, other elected officials, Clergymen, and South Fulton business owners among others.  In attendance at the event Representative Jones, Tax Commissioner Ferdinand, Representative Mabre, and Commissioner Edwards.


Family Fun Day is a day full of fun, food and fishing free of cost!!! This event takes place annually at Sweetwater Creek State Park. With your help and support we will be able to expose over 600 children to their first experience of fishing!!! Kids and their families will be able to enjoy fishing in Sweetwater Creek State Park’s reservoir, which will be stocked with over 2,000 catfish to ensure that each child has an opportunity to land a catch!  Please join us on May 16th, 2015 from 9am to 3pm!!!!

State Rep. Roger Bruce Keeping you Informed

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