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Transition Team

City of South Fulton Transition Team

Georgia law authorizes the Governor to form commissions to transition governmental functions from counties to newly formed municipalities.

These commissions will oversee services and facilities, tax collections and fees, and negotiate intergovernmental agreements. They won’t have the ability to enter into binding agreements, spend public money or incur liabilities.

The five-person teams will help facilitate the negotiation of intergovernmental agreements, the collection of taxes and the creation of community services. Members of the transition teams cannot run for elected city office.

The county governments and other entities will work with the transition teams to ensure a smooth start to the new cities, which will hold their first elections in March. The cities will officially form May 1.

Who Is On The South Fulton Transition Team?

Chair- Camilla Moore – Ms. Moore has been heavily involved in the cityhood movement and advocated for South Fulton’s passage.

State Senator Donzella James

State Representative Roger Bruce

Josh Belinfante

Kevin Grimes


For Information on the City of South Fulton Transition Please Visit the following link:

City Transition Committee Briefing 01052017 FINAL

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