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Educational Opportunity

Democrats are also dedicated to ensuring that our students are being offered every opportunity to become successful. Legislation has been offered to ensure that these opportunities are received and have been broken up into three different categories. We will be following these bills every week and updating you on the status of them.

Support Successful Students

  • Anti-Discrimination Act (HB 142): Sponsored by Rep. Simone Bell and co-sponsored by Rep. Mary Margaret Oliver, this legislation will ensure that state financed schools receiving School Scholarship Organizations (SSOs) do not discriminate based on race, gender, national origin, religion, sexuality or disability.
  • Civics in Schools Act (HB 132): Sponsored by Rep. Debbie Buckner and co-sponsored by Rep. Mike Glanton, the Department of Education will be required to develop and implement comprehensive civics education curricula for all middle and high schools in order to improve students’ civic knowledge, skills and attitudes.
  • Drop-out Deterrent Act (HB 139): Sponsored by Rep. Mickey Stephens and co-sponsored by Rep. Able Mable Thomas, this legislation will revise the age of mandatory education from between ages 6 and 16 to between ages 5 and 17.


Support Successful Students – Higher Ed

  • HOPE for All Act(HB 22): Sponsored by Rep. Stacey Evans and co-sponsored by Rep. Mickey Stephens this legislation will amend the HOPE ACT bill to fully fund HOPE Grant for all recipients, not just Zell Miller HOPE Grant recipients.
  • Higher Education Access and Success for Homeless and Foster Youth Act (HB 107): Sponsored by Rep. Sandra Scott and co-sponsored by Rep. Hugh Floyd and Rep. Dexter Sharper, this legislation will exclude foster care assistance from consideration as income for purposes of calculating financial aid.


Secure Stronger Schools

  • End Cyberbullying Act (HB 131): Sponsored by Rep. Pam Dickerson and co-sponsored by Rep. Karla Drenner and Rep. Keisha Waites, this legislation will expand our existing statute to include bullying actions that occurs using cell phones, PDAs and on social media websites. The existing statute only covers bullying acts that occur using school-owned property.
    • May 6, 2015: This bill was signed by the Governor and Image result for educational opportunitypassed into law
  • Too Young to Suspend Act (HB 135): Sponsored by Rep. Wayne Howard and co-sponsored by Rep. Coach Williams, this bill prohibits the use of suspension or expulsion on children in pre-k through 3rd grade.
  • Child Safety and Emergency Preparedness Act (HB 7): Sponsored by Rep. Kim Alexander and co-sponsored by Rep. Michael Smith and Rep. Darrel Ealum, this bill mandates that all schools have an emergency preparedness plan.

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