State Representative Roger Bruce

Economic Security


The Georgia House Democratic Caucus is offering legislation that tackles the issues that continue to hinder economic growth in Georgia. These issues have been classified into three different brackets that should be a focus when talking about economic security. Create good jobs and a strong economy, empower taxpayers and help small buisnesses.

Create Good Jobs and a Strong Economy

  • Fair Chance at Employment Act (HB 163): Sponsored by Rep. Winfred Dukes and co-sponsored by Rep. Michele Henson, this legislation will prohibit the use of consumer credit checks against prospective and current employees for the purpose of making employment decisions.
  • Georgia Jobs Matter Act (HB 145): Sponsored by Rep. James Beverly and co-sponsored by Rep. Demetrius Douglas, this bill will require all procurement bids to include Georgia Jobs Impact statement.Image result for creating good jobs in our communities
  • Work Opportunity Tax Credit (HB 134): Sponsored by Rep. Karen Bennett and co-sponsored by Rep. Sharon Beasley-Teague and Rep. Ronnie Mabra, this legislation will create a state income tax credit incentive to encourage private sector employers to hire from certain target groups of job seekers who face employment barriers.

  • Minimum Wage Act (HB 8): Sponsored by Rep. Tyrone Brooks and co-sponsored by Rep. Dewey McClain, this bill will increase Georgia’s minimum wage to $15/hr.

Empower Taxpayers

  • Taxpayers First Act (HB 136): Sponsored by Rep. Earnest Smith and co-sponsored by Rep. Mack Jackson, this legislation will require cost analysis of all bids prior to outsourcing or privatization.
  • Open Records Act (HB 140): Sponsored by Rep. Tonya Anderson and co-sponsored by Rep. Bob Bryant, this legislation will require any company performing public functions to comply Georgia’s Open Records & Meeting Laws.Image result for economic security
  • Contract Cancellation Act (HB 133): Sponsored by Rep. Scott Holcomb and co-sponsored by Rep. Brian Prince, this legislation will ensure that every state-authorized contract includes language that permits the state to cancel the contract if the company fails to meet its obligations of quality and cost savings.

Help Small Businesses

  • Diverse State Contracts Act (HB 712): Sponsored by Rep. Roger Bruce, this legislation will establish a department to oversee the distrubution of state contracts to ensure they represent the diversity of the state.
  • Georgia Fair Pay Act (HB 151): Sponsored by Rep. Al Williams and co-sponsored by Rep. Wayne Howard, this legislation will require prompt payment on all state contracts. Under this bill, the state shall present contractors payment within 15 days if an invoice is filed electronically.Image result for small business
  • Self-Employment Act (HB 141): Sponsored by Rep. Virgil Fludd and co-sponsored by Rep. Rahn Mayo, unemployed Georgians seeking to start new businesses may continue to receive unemployment benefits for a specific period of time if they agree to certain conditions to grow their entrepreneurial skills.
  • Angel Investor Tax Credit (HB 109): Sponsored by Rep. Dar’Shun Kendrick and co-sponsored by Rep. Pat Gardner, this legislation will remove the requirement for “accredited investors” in the existing tax credit.

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