State Representative Roger Bruce

Crossover Day 2016 Legislative Report

Crossover Day at the Capitol….

You might be wondering what crossover day is; Crossover Day is the 30th legislative day of the Georgia General Assembly’s 40-day session. Per a Senate rule, no general House bill can pass to the Senate after Crossover Day.

What does this mean?

This means that any bill that did not make it past the house committees and onto the floor to be voted on will not “crossover” to the senate side. This also means that any bill that doesn’t make it to the senate side can not be voted on thus killing the bill.

Which bills from the Democrats have been passed by the House?

HB 831 (C. Smyre) “Protecting Guardmen’s Employment Act”
HB 828 Income tax credit; employers who hire cert. Parolees for full-time jobs; create
HB 827 “Pursuing Justice for Rape Victims Act”
HB 825 “Protecting Military Children Act”
HB 821 “Military Spouses and Veterans Licensure Act”
HB 527 Counties; provide budget for population of 200,000 or more; repeal Act
HB 514 South Fulton, City of; Fulton County; incorporate
HB 476 Fulton County Industrial District; repeal amendment; provision
HB 54 (K. Waites/D) Tuition grants; children of officers killed in line of duty who attend University System institutions and meet certain requirements; provide
HB 895 (R.Mayo/D) Elementary and secondary education; finance directors of charter schools participate in initial and annual training; require
HB 957 (S.Abrams/D) Probate courts; judges and clerks publicly post notice of the availability of the affidavit of indigence; require
HB 654 (S.Scott/D) Tattoo studios; post notification that certain tattoos could disqualify wearer from military service; require
HB 910 (S. Frye/D) Health records; provisions relating to costs of copying and mailing patient records apply to psychiatric, psychological, and other mental health records; provide
HB 614 (V. Stovall/D) Landon Dunson Act; enact
HB 962 S. Abrams/R) Human Services, Department of; creation, appointment, removal, and duties of a kinship care enforcement administrator; provide

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