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City of South Fulton Questions & Answers

City of South Fulton

Questions & Answers


Q: Is it possible to lower property taxes? 

A: The City will have the benefit of receiving addition revenue from the local option sales tax. This revenue could, if the mayor and city council vote to do so, be used to reduce taxes. However, there is a strong desire to use that money to build a reserve, improve police and fire services, etc. If citizens expect these enhancements  it is unlikely that taxes will be reduced.

Q: The Comprehensive Plan that the Mayor & City Council will approve or adopt will have been developed by the Transition Team? Will there be an opportunity for the candidates to provide input during the process?

A:There are 47 people running for 8 positions. All are invited to communicate with any or all members of the transition team at anytime. They are also invited to participate in the multiple meetings that will be held by the transition team. Once the election has been held the transition team will meet regularly with those that are elected. If runoffs are needed, the transition team will meet with both candidates until a final person is selected. 

Q: Has there been an updated map of all districts and where can I find it?

A:There is a map available but it is subject to change pending the outcome of legal decisions that may result from lawsuits filled by the City of Atlanta. You can GOOGLE “map of the city of south fulton” and maps will pop up for the city and the council districts. 

Q: Can you advise on the time commitment required for Council Members and the Mayor for the 1st 2years of city-hood?

A: It is intended for all positions to be part time. However, there will be an enormous amount of work to get the city up and running that will most likely require more time now  than it will once every thing is up and running. 

Q: Will garbage collection be provided?

A: Garbage collection may be a service that is offered at a later time.  A cost/income analysis will have to be done to determine if this is a service that should be provided. Until then you will continue to use the provider you currently subscribe to. 

Q: Who will be responsible for reviewing those individuals/ employees that are grandfathered into the new city to determine if we keep them or hire new employees?

A: Once there is a Human Resources Department I would expect that there will be an evaluation process set up to evaluate all employees for performance and salary purposes. 

Q:Will there be an increase in the property taxes?

A: If services remain as they are there is no need to raise taxes. If additional services are implemented that exceed the current budget level the additional income from the Sales Taxes would be used. If the cost of services beyond that are needed the mayor and council have the ability to increase taxes to the Cap level included in the city charter. 

Q: Will there be a decline in police and fire stations?

A:There will not be a decline in police and fire services. In fact I am anticipating that the mayor and city council will increase the presence of public safety personnel. 

Q: Will the new city take over road maintenance on day 1?

A: The new city will have two years to transition services from the county. It will be up to the Mayor and city council to determine when they will be ready to take over this function. 

Q: What is the process for disseminating information about the new city government?

A: The website is under construction and the transition team will be updating it as things unfold. There will be several town hall meetings. You will also be able to visit the website for State Representative Roger Bruce –  for updates.  

Q: What is the web address for new city?

A: It is under construction and will be available soon.

Q: Where will City Hall be located?

A:The county is providing temporary space either at the Fulton Industrial location or the Stonewall Tell location. The Mayor and City Council will have to determine the permanent location for City Hall

Q: How will we officially be able to make recommendations for the official name of the new City of South Fulton?

A: You can submit your suggestions to any member of the transition team or go directly to your new mayor or city council member. 

Q: Where will the majority of the revenue sustaining the city be generated from?

A:Property Tax, Sales Tax, Service Fees, Business Taxes. 

Q: How do we find out about lawsuits regarding boundaries/annexation?

A: Direct your questions to the transition team  

Q: Will we see a proposed budget for the new city prior to the election?

A:The current budget for the unincorporated area was set by the Fulton County Commissioners. Once the Mayor and Council is installed they will prepare the budget beyond that point. 

Q: Will there be a citizens council to assist in governing? 

A: That will have to be determined by the Mayor and Council. 

Q: How was the transition team formed? Who are the members? Can we get a copy of the charter? What is the life span of the committee?

A: The Transition team was appointed by the Governor. The Chairperson is Camilla Moore, Members are Representative Roger Bruce, Senator  Donzella James, Attorney Josh Belafanta, and Kevin Grimes.     

Q: When will the Fulton Industrial be included in the new city? Do you anticipate any opposition? Is this considered local legislation?

A: Representatives of the business owners along Fulton Industrial Boulevard  testified before Senate Committees  their  interest in becoming part of the City of South Fulton.  There are a number of legal actions that have to take place to make that happen. Those legal actions are in motion and will hopefully conclude by the end of the year. We will keep you updated on the progress.

Q: If you are a registered vendor in Atlanta now, what will be the process after the new city becomes official May 1?

A: The formation of the new city has no impact on any contracts, business licenses or anything else that you may have with the City of Atlanta or any other cities.  

Q: When will a city planner and engineer(s) be appointed to develop the city and help with economic growth? 

A:This will be determined by the Mayor and City Council

Q: How do we find out what City Council district we live in?

A: Go to Click on “City of South Fulton” to view map.

Q: What opportunities for business, economic and housing development exists and with whom do we speak about exploring such opportunities?

A: These are all issues that will be addressed by the Mayor, City Council and the City Manager



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